See It. Hear It. Experience It.

Immersive video, audio, and photo

The Media is the Message

Marshall McLuhan famously coined this phrase. In the digital-everything is connected age, it is more true than ever. Not only do you need to think about what you want to say, but perhaps as importantly, how you want to deliver it.

360 degrees

We are surrounded.  We are immersed.  We are naturally 3D.  Increasingly virtual, our online and and social media experiences are becoming immersive.   Interactive 3D experiences of real-world spaces blends the real with the virtual.    

Immersive Media

360 Degree Media develops multimedia content for organizations throughout the Okanagan and beyond.  Let us help you to develop content that will help you engage and communicate with customers and prospects. 

360 Degree Media creates Immersive Audio, Video and Photo

3D Virtual Tours
Matterport© enabled

For Real Estate marketing or 3D experiences in real-world spaces, Matterport 3D virtual tours excel.  With a single scan, we can provide a complete suite of digital assets to help promote and run your business.  This includes the Virtual Tour, photo and video galleries, and a detailed Floor Plan.  Here is an example of a virtual tour and a collection of digital assets for real estate listings.

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Drone Video and Photography
See the World from a New Perspective

Drones have opened up a whole new perspective for video and photography.  Aerial panoramas, 4K video and high resolution photography. From the air.  So cool!   Here are some recent aerial videos we did for real estate listings.

See It, Hear It, Experience It
Immersive Audio, 360-degree Video

Increasingly, audio and video experiences are immersive. We record immersive audio (Ambix and native B-Channel) and 360-degree video for your project.  We can also record/mix/master in Dolby Atmos, or Surround, as well as upmix and downmix surround projects.

Here is an example of a 360 degree video.   On a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies, we hiked to the mountains and glaciers that backdrop Lake Louise, Banff, shooting this video near the Teahouse. Inspiring ... yes?

Sublime Audio ... wherever, whenever
Deep Experience in all things audio

Including on-location, remote and live recording, music production, mixing and mastering, sound design and forensic audio.  We can also record at high resolution rates (SACD and DSD), if you need it.

Every Picture Tells a Story
Taking a Great Photo is Not Black Art or Luck

To capture a great photo, you clearly need a good eye.  But it also involves generous portions of Art and Technique.  For commercial and industrial photos, we use a number of techniques, including Time-Lapse, Focus Stacking and Exposure Bracketing to capture crisp, vivid images.   Here is a recent multimedia project I worked on.

Serving the Okanagan Valley, BC (and beyond)

I live in Vernon, British Columbia, but work without hesitation throughout the Okanagan Valley and beyond. I have a fully mobile rig and will also undertake projects well outside of the region. If you have a project you'd like recorded, please contact me to discuss.

The Important Stuff
Multimedia for fun, not profit

I do multimedia every day all day long. Something I have been focused on is translating physical experience into digital experience -- ergo 360 degree media.   To that end, I recently went to Tofino BC and recorded a bunch of multimedia. A starting point is this aerial video shot from a platform on the Wild Pacific Trail. What a beautiful place. Wild and rugged. It was truly a magical experience. However, the photos barely capture it. Multiply this virtual experience by ten times, add 360 degree perception, and you can begin to take it all in.  Or better yet, trek to the west coast of Vancouver Island and experience it yourself.